Our workshop

little_bakfietsAt WorkCycles we're basically bike loving nerds with grease under our nails. Our workshops are our heart and soul. This is not only where we build and repair bikes but also where we learn, experiment with prototypes and spend late nights tinkering on our own bikes. We take great pride in our work and the challenge of keeping your bikes running safely and smoothly at reasonable cost. We love bikes and treat them kindly.

WorkCycles strives to keep bikes running well through regular maintenance not to just patch them up as cheaply and quickly as possible... only to soon have to do it again. For example this might mean replacing your bike's worn chain and rear cog while repairing the coaster brake. Then the whole system will run smoothly for a couple years with only adjusting the chain each half year. It will save you money and trouble in the long run and you'll have more fun cycling too. No, we won't just hang that rusty chain back on the worn out chainring again.

In contrast to most other bike shops we work on an appointment basis so that we can usually complete your repair in one day. You bring the bike between 9.00 and 10.00 in the morning and then pick it up after 17.00 that afternoon. Call or stop by to plan in the appointment. Emergency repair that can't wait? We'll try to help you there too.

Workshop: 020 522 6001

We're happy to service ANY BIKE that's worth repairing. We even work on types of bikes that you wouldn't expect or other shops refuse: bakfietsen, antique bikes, retro racing bikes, etc. We've actually become the go-to place for all repairs on rickshaws.


Bakfietsen are naturally a specialty at WorkCycles and our shops were designed to accommodate big, heavy bikes. We have big doors, electric lifts and many of the specialty tools and parts needed to maintain various types of bakfietsen.


And our mechanics work on them every day, so they know what they're doing. All makes are welcome: of course we work on all WorkCycles bikes, but other brands such as Bakfiets.nl, Fietsfabriek, Gazelle, 't Mannetje, Onderwater and even the infamous Babboe bakfietsen, which are refused by most repair shops in Amsterdam.


lijnbaans_yankeeWe love old bikes and most WorkCycles employees own and ride them, some of these machines are quite special. Although we're not interested in period-perfect restoration, we do enjoy maintaining nice old bicycles with care and good taste to keep them on the road as long as practically possible. We search out suitable parts that function well and look appropriate. We also build cool "hot-rods" with modern parts on old bikes, sometimes in surprising combinations. With old bikes it's always best to first bring the bike so we can look it over and discuss the options.

lijnbaans_mechanicYou might be surprised to see a row of old racing and touring bikes hanging at our Lijnbaansgracht shop, even some track bikes and street fixed gear bikes. Well, some of those are our own bikes but it's another one of those things we just enjoy and we've been doing steadily more of these projects as the word gets out. Apparently WorkCycles is one of the few places that'll fix up and maintain your 1970's or 1980's era racing bike, randonneur, porteur etc. We even have a considerable stash of old parts to employ here.

What can WorkCycles do? Well, a LOT more than most bicycle shops. Here are some examples of WorkCycles' special capabilities, some of which just might be needed for your bike sometime:

Wheel lacing and tensioning-
An essential skill that's largely been forgotten in our world of disposable products and shops that just replace entire wheels.

lijnbaans_morizumiCustom spokes-
We actually have a special (and very expensive) spoke cutting and thread rolling machine from Japan, so custom spokes can be made in practically any size. That means we always have spokes to fit your bike, no matter how exotic it is.

Internal Gear Hubs-
Another important task most shops would rather avoid, our mechanics actually open and service gear hubs on a daily basis. That's good since cleaning and lubricating this expensive mechanism every couple years is critical to keeping it running.

weldingTIG and MIG welding-
TIG and MIG welding is very handy for repairing frames and parts that would be too expensive or impossible to replace. Our mechanics have accumulated plenty of experience to make that worth the effort.

We're no cabinetry shop but we're well equipped for straightforward jobs such as repairing a box panel or installing a doggie door in your cargobike. Actually we can even build complicated things in wood but we try not to.

A few things to know:
WorkCycles prices are based on a labor rate of €60/hour or €1/minute. That's a little more than some other shops charge but you'll come out cheaper and happier in the long run with our expert, honest service and focus on regular maintenance.

We do our best to accommodate but our workshops are busy and can be booked up for the coming week or two. That's why we recommend making an appointment in advance.

If you purchase a bike at WorkCycles it'll come with a service plan entitling you to a free 30 day check, 50% discount on the half-year and one-year services. That's something to think about when you're ready to purchase your next bike.